We print and sell the best quality counterfeit bank notes of all currencies. Our notes are undetectable and 100% quality is guaranteed. We also supply SSD Chemical solution and activation powder.

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A clear window has a stylised image of a lyrebird printed in it, along with embossing of the number ‘100’ (both can be seen from either side of the banknote). fake money
Examine the clear window. Genuine banknotes have a clear window – the area around the window is uniformly smooth to touch. The clear area should be part of the banknote and not an addition. Check the clarity of the clear window. fake note
Feel the banknote: A genuine Australian 100 dollar note is printed on polymer (plastic) and has a distinctive feel. Check that the suspect banknote is not excessively thick or thin compared to a genuine banknote. fake £20 notes
When the note is held to the light, a seven-pointed star within a circle is formed by four points on one side of the banknote combining perfectly with three points on the other side.



When the note is held to the light also, an image of the Australian Coat of Arms can be seen under other printing.
The words ‘ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS’ and the number ‘100’ are microprinted and can be seen with the aid of a magnifying glass.
Slightly raised printing that can be felt with the fingers is used for the portraits and other major design elements. fake money
Intricate multi-colored fine-line patterns and images appear on each side.
Each Australian 100 dollar note’s serial number is printed twice, one in brown and one in green, on the back of the banknote. A different font is used for each serial number. The alpha prefix of two letters is followed by two numerals representing the year of the production, followed by a further six numerals. Under ultra-violet light, the serial numbers fluoresce. fake money uk
Under ultraviolet light, a patch showing the number ‘100’ becomes visible on the back of the 100 Australian dollar note

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